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Tianjin Donglihu Evergrande Hotel

Address:No.1037 Dongli Avenue, Dongli Lake Resort,Tianjin

Contact Numbers:028-5828 8888

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Dongli Lake, as one of the eight scenic spots in Tianjin and one of the seven natural reserves, authorized as tourist resort in Binhai New District, which is located in the east of Tianjin. It's 24km away from the downtown, l2.5km from the Tianjin Binhai International Airport . As a reservoir before, Dongli lake has developed into tourist resort later, and is famous for its wide water area and rich geothermal resources. As tropical source of geothermal water of northern China, it's rich in geothermal resources. Hotspring is good for health, thus gives a stimulative rise to hot spring hotels around the lake. In addition, there are many entertainment projects such as water jetting area, water bridge, water cabin, speedboats, motor boats, etc. There are also many ice projects in winter, such as ice boating, ice vehicle, sled, etc.

Local Scenery
  • Tianjin Eye

    Tianjin Eye

    Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel is a Ferris wheel built on Yongle bridge. Seen from distance, it looks like a huge eye, overlooking the Haihe River quietly. As one of the landmarks of Tianjin, it's a hotspot for tourists. Sitting on the Ferris wheel, you can get to the highest point which is 120 metres from the ground, equivalent to the height of the 35 storeys , viewing the both sides of the Haihe River. You will understand it's worthy of the name "Tianjin Eye".

  • Happy Valley

    Happy Valley

    Tianjin Happy Valley Theme Park is located in Dongli avenue, Dongli Lake tourist resort. The Park is divided into six theme zones: Performing Arts Center, Happy Time, Heart of the Sea, Viking Harbor, Christmas Village, Dream of Caribbean.Happy Valley has 56 kinds of land-and-water amusement facilities for both young and old person., thus creates the world's first amphibious high-tech comprehensive entertainment culture theme park of multiple joy, which performs 90 art feast everyday. You can have fun here 365 all year round.

  • Qilihai National Wetland Park

    Qilihai National Wetland Park

    Qilihai National Wetland Park is located in Ninghe county on the northeast of Tianjin. There are many beautiful lakes and wetlands on the west side of Qilihai reservoir, which is 10km from the hotel, containing lakes, reeds and other natural sceneries. Built beside the lakes are European-style wooden houses, villas, etc. Sceneries here are beautiful and romantic. You can take a boat trip on the lake, enjoy the sight animals, fish, crab, fire balloons, etc. So much fun! A nice place for relax in Tianjin.